2015 WNBR Route

Map for 2015.

Starting at the Fox Hotel where we can all get a bit of ‘Dutch courage’ before sneaking off to our super secret paint-up and undress location.

PLEASE NOTE – Start/End are NOT the same spot and you will have to carry your clothes (or send via 1 vehicle we will have; Bags will be provided if required. TBC)

This ride is an easy 9km and takes in annual favs of Brunswick and Johnston and across to Lygon St.


In honor of Alberto Paulon, a bicycle rider who lost his life after an alleged car dooring, WNBR will also take back Sydney Rd Brunswick to remind everyone, everywhere that roads are for sharing.
Please use the #AlbisRide on Twitter, Facebook etc for any comment or pictures in this area.

The memorial will be a sombre moment and riders (whilst naked) will be requested to respect the location and recent event. A moments silence will be observed and the ride will continue on. Remember this could be any bike rider and a key point of why the World Naked Bike Ride happens across the world.

#LOOKBIKE   #Albisride   #ametrematters

Ride will wind-up with exploring Royal Park and great views back to the CBD.

After the ride, access back to the city (and home) is available via Flemington Bridge Rail station about 1km away.

Full details in the guide  here – WNBR 2015 ride guide and map (Updated)

Download Updated map below

WNBR2015a map


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