2013 media mistakes

Although we no longer comment directly to the media, we have to make a response post to clear up the poor media reports made after this years ride.

Well over 100 ‘As bare as you dare’ riders took on Bayside streets and everyone came out to support the Road Safety message, but again ‘the lazy media’ took their own side to attack the event and not clearly show both sides of the story.

Callers to RantRadio (Hi NM), who actually saw the event, did not having any issues with the ride but 1 caller decided to detail only their perception of what they claimed to capture on their in-car camera.


This picture typifies the huge number of the public who lined the streets, most trying to capture the memories on the mobile/camera. They were generally left with wide smiles all around.
Maybe if the family pictured were contacted directly to give their thoughts, rather than wild guesses published in the media, we’d have the real story.

 At least we can be happy that they are STILL the major sponsor of the Bike Path books.

Amazingly they see it as


The World Naked bike ride streaked through Melbourne yesterday as hundreds of clothes-free bikers cycled around town in their birthday suits.
The liberating event went off without a hitch, but a caller on Neil Mitchell’s morning program raised concerns about the appropriateness of children being exposed to dozens of nudes in public. 

Caller ‘Dave’ spoke to Neil just after 9AM and provided 3AW Online with dashboard camera vision of nude cyclists riding along the Esplanade in St Kilda.  The footage also showed a family with a young girl patiently waiting on the median strip for the nudes to pass.
“I don’t mind the nudes, I’m pretty open-minded, but what disturbed me is the little girl was subject to it all,” Dave said.
“And first we saw this old guy on roller blades completely nude.  It was a bit jarring.”

Dave said no police were present in the area at the time.

Oh and Dave, your clock is wrong.

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