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  1. Heidi Hill says:

    Some quotes about Neil Mitchell this morning…

    Heidi Hill: Naked Riders…please ring Neil Mitchell…he is saying it was all about big haired men exposing themselves to whomever they could…he is the sicko! The ride was held in the most open-hearted joyous blissfull way…he is such a creep.

    Heidi Hill: The men on the ride were beautiful…I felt so safe and sooo respected as did all the women on the ride…Being naked is not obscene…nor was it sexual…Freedom and Bliss

    Geoffrey Baker: There’s always got to be some mongrel to try and ruin things

    Kristen Joy: Hang in there angels …. you’re doing an amazing thing …. folks with closed minds are aerodynamically dysfunctional … and will inevitably be blown over by the winds of change … an open mind lets the breeze blow through ♥ blessings on your beautiful heads ♥

    Paul Christie: Ignoring idiots is the best policy.

    David Podger: Closed minded creep who cannot get that nudity os not about sex, and who is racing to the lowest possible level of stupidity in his audience. Engaging with him will only encourage him.

    Jim Fox: Neil mitchells opinions are a reflection of his own polluted mind. Every onlooker i saw were smiling, cheering and taking photos. It was one of the best days out i’ve had in a long time…..::))

    Penny Maddock: He is just probably sooooo insecure about his own nakedness he has to ridicule it to cover up his own fears. Don’t take it to heart beautiful

    Kieran Gray: Neil Mitchel is a beautiful human being. (a mantra to purify the idiot, closed minded comments)

    Kieran Gray: We’re all on different journeys

    Heidi Hill: I love BIKES! They bring us closer together, make us fit and make us smile!

  2. Heidi Hill says:

    More Wonderful People and their Quotes from the day…

    Daniel Charles Frankel: Thank you for making the ride happen. It was Fabulous!!!

    Mitch Davis: Oh Heidi, I had such fun today! Thank you so much for all the
    organising you did. This was the best WNBR Melbourne’s seen so far,
    for sure.

  3. Jane says:

    The onlookers saw us, we saw the onlookers. What I saw was surprise, joy, laughter, cheering, encouragement, praise, happiness. So many mobile phones and cameras were at the ready, to capture a moment of wonder, to share with others. Let’s hope the message spreads far and wide and perhaps some of those happy onlookers will join the ride next year and, as Heidi hopes, we will have 2000 plus riders. Wouldn’t that be fantastic? I can’t wait for WNBR Melbourne 2011.

  4. Ian says:

    Firstly, thank you to Heidi for organizing the ride. My first time, I was feeling nervous before the ride but once we got going I loved it .
    I am still on a high from yesterday. It was the best experience. I forgot I was naked after a while, it just felt so natural.
    Thank you to everybody who particapated in the ride, it was the best.
    I was the one that seemed to be taking photo’s the whole time. (Pink and purple on my chest).
    If people want a copy of a photo they are in please contact me. You will have to describe yourself of what you looked like on the day. Text me first on 0407 337 939.

  5. james annesley says:

    Is there really going to be a winter ride?? I don’t like the cold that much, but I may just be willing to make a sacrifice for the sake of doing another naked ride so soon.

  6. Heidi says:

    Thank you Ian…me too!!! Still flying from the thrill and fun and joy.

    Yes James…Winter Ride Plans are on the way. It really isn’t as bad as you’d think….though of course I’m not a bloke!!! The adrenalin helps and also it does warm up as you ride…we did it in the rain and still loved it….Check out the Winter ride photos. We do it at midnight….so wild for sure.

    I created a great warming device for the ride….a fluffy back pack with a hot water bottle inside….amazingly effective…gloves are a must and long socks and leg warmers… pretty much cover everything except the so- called rudey bits 🙂

    Can’t wait for more naked bike ride adventures….the stories that keep coming from the day are hilarious and I have never seen so many happy, smiling people!

  7. russell bathard says:

    Cycling naked increases a drivers awareness of the cyclist and provides increased safety.Get this same increased safety when riding clothed by wearing a “miss by 1m” logo.

  8. Nicholas says: lists the WNBR and our website received the following:

    “Our rates paying for an event that allows naked adults to ride their bicycles in the middle of the day through our streets???
    Yes that’s what happened in Port Melbourne this Sunday. Pity there was no warning. As I walked out my front door to walk my dog that is what I witnessed. many people I spoke to were not amused at all!!!!
    How about some family-friendly activities for a change???”

    I replied on behalf of bikefun:

    hi Margaret, (or is it Bill?).

    Bikefun lists rides but we aren’t the organisers of the naked ride.

    However, I can inform you that your rates were not involved in this ride in any way.

    The naked ride is run by volunteers who decided to visit the Bikefest. Actually they did ride down Bay St, as did many other people on bicycles on the day. I don’t think it increased your rates at all.

    The event traversed a number of streets in Port Melbourne, Middle Park and St Kilda. At no cost to any level of government. The event has been held each year in different parts of Melbourne, organised without any municipal expenditure; not even a phone call would have been diverted from more important and worthy matters.

    It sounds like you didn’t enjoy the experience, that’s a pity. Maybe your dog didn’t know which way to look? I’m sure your neighbourhood will settle down quickly and everyone will feel safe to go out with their dog again soon.

    On the subject of what your rates were spent on, the Port Melbourne Bikefest, I did see many locals, on foot getting their coffee or groceries, some even with children, who seemed to be enjoying the car free street and the many activities. I can’t imagine a more family friendly day in Bay Street, unless you think four lanes of motor traffic flanked by parking is a very family friendly street.

    As the naked ride wound its way around our public streets, we enjoyed the smiles, laughter and cheers of many onlookers, some of whom had children (or dogs) with them. I don’t think we did any lasting damage to the children’s emotional or social development. Their obviously open-minded and tolerant parents are quite possibly doing a splendid job of bringing up their children to value what is important in life over petty and mean sentiments, to value freedom exercised responsibly over conformism, and just possibly, the naked riders helped a little in expanding those children’s experience of the world, and hopefully help them to grow up with the ability to distinguish the harmful from the harmless, and added a little to their tolerance and understanding of difference.

    On behalf of Bikefun (but not speaking for The World Naked Bike Ride’s Melbourne organisers),
    Nicholas Dow.

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