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WNBR Melbourne has run its course over the last 10+ years.
Melbourne has always been a great ride with Riders, Locals and Officials. All participating with their energy in making it a success with little fuss or restriction. Victoria Police have always allowed the event to proceed with care and supervision. We again thank them for their courtesy.

Now in 2016 the ‘last ride’ has been run, with an exciting group and crowd of many thousands looking on as the event rolled past them and iconic Melbourne landmarks were seen as the backdrop to the unusual spectacle.

Of course it’s about getting the message out there, and not necessarily about the numbers. Approximately 200 riders, of all types took part and many first timers participated as it was their last chance on the ‘Final ride’. After getting a little courage they found the secret paint up area and let the excitement flow. The professional face painters from JuicyBodyArt did a fantastic job.
Sadly a few ‘tourists’ only wanting to ‘watch’, spoilt the event and again, this is one of the direct reasons to why the ride is calling it quits after a successful 10 years.
With 500+ on the newsletter and another similar amount responding on the FB Event, let alone the 1.2 Million hits on this website, we’re sure there is enough out there now to keep the message going EVERY day and not just on 1 day each year.

Cycling and Cycling Advocacy is a full time vocation for many and anyone who rides is responsible for showing a positive side of ‘people on bikes on the road’, with other (car/truck/motorbike) users. Many Advocacy groups (inc. Cycle) represent riders and their safety everyday with/in the Media and Law makers.

Growing over the years from a group of Critical Mass riders, the WNBR in Melbourne was pivotal to help break through to mainstream media who rally against riders every day. The same guys who sponsor the Melbourne Bike Path books and sponsor Major ON-ROAD cycling events for a quick buck. But quickly resort to form days later.

Social Media
Our Social Media reach has extended to some media giving a free plug to the ride on the days before the ride and even ‘Eddie’ having an extended discussion during his prime-time morning drive show on the day following the ride.

We cant go further without praising the generous and continuous mentions by Marcus Walker from Walker’s Wheels on the hugely popular Vital Bits show hosted by Tim Thorpe each weekend on radio 3RRR.  Audio here (500kb mp3)

Also the many times YarraBUG interviewed Heidi regarding the ride.  2010 here

Twitter (@asbareasyoudare) has been a successful way to publicise, but we have always been careful using Facebook to promote the ride and yearly events due to the random attendees that unmanaged events seem to attract. Authorities from Local Councils to VicRoads and Police always had a dim view of  running anything this way with ‘come one, come all’ approach making it more work to control those who attend for the wrong reasons. Although saying this, we have administered the last 6 of 7 events on that closed group page. Sort preaching to those already converted.

Attention has been gained by mainstream media and articles published Worldwide. Some of these were light and fun ‘Naked riders’ stories but this year, many were more detailed and covered a lot of the reasons the ride happens in the first place. This honest coverage spells a breakthrough in media to recognise the growing aspect of cycling in cities worldwide and also as a viable alternative to oil dependant car driving.

Lots of pix already available in the AsBare Gallery here


Some of the media coverage includes

Melbourne theAge


UK DailyMail

UK Mirror



Getty Images Gallery

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Of course all the above is fine, BUT, remember AsBareasyouDare will be assisting WNBR Sydney and various NSW rides get organised and ride over the following months.
Check out their pages and support the future of WNBR they are trying to have succeed in NSW.

NSW is unique, as a few positive laws are looking to be introduced to help cyclists. Sadly this gain is already outweighed by ridiculous authority actively working to reduce the numbers of cyclists on the road and petty actions by the many of law-enforcement members on a few, is making the need for WNBR there now a necessity rather than a possibility.

If you can work this out, please let NSW know.

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