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We are doing all we can to get the Police to allow the ride to be clothing optional. Today negotiations with Police did not go well. But we will keep pressing them. Let us know if you know any public officials who might help. We sent this on 1/4/2014.

Dear Superintendent John Maricic,

Thank you for conferring with me over the telephone today about the WNBR. And thank for trying to call me this morning as you stated in your 2nd email, but somehow 2 numbers were inverted. So, for your records, please note my correct mobile number: 0431…….

Overall, my impression of the present opinions of the NSW Police regarding my proposed protest procession is disheartening.

In your letter of 31/3/2014 you wrote, “The Commissioner is considering your notification.” I hope you can appreciate how disappointing it is that this statement was, in fact, not true.

From your words today, it is clear that your office had finished considering my notification and decided that any nudity in the protest ride would warrant an immediate arrest on the grounds of offensive behaviour.

When I paraphrased the offensive behaviour law with the fact that the statute goes on to explain that if the “offender” of being offensive can show a “reasonable excuse” for the offensive behaviour – then the judge must exonerate that “offender”.

I note that you did not dispute that we have a “reasonable excuse” for our nudity during our proposed protest ride. You warned that if we proceeded with our plans, we would “end up in the Supreme Court”. Yet, you seemed to agree that simple non-sexual nudity is not illegal as long as it is not lewd and as long as no one is offended.

When you complained that the proposed ride was too long because police would have to supply considerable resources, I let you know that the ride was only 11 km and wouldn’t exceed 2 hours. I then explained that we would not require Police assistance. We only require Police assurance that an exception be made with regard to our requirement that clothing optional be allowed for that 2 hour period.

As a major concession, I offered to decrease our ride to only go to the Opera House and back (only 2 km each way). Yet this did not matter to you, because you rejected that offer.

You seemed unaware of how widespread, popular and harmless the WNBR is around the world. When I mentioned the Melbourne and Byron Bay rides you seemed unfazed, as if their successes without direct Police escort, etc. resulted in no harm to anyone. Aren’t Police suppose let people live with liberty unless a law is clearly violated, or unless person or property are harmed?

You stated that the Sydney 2009 and 2010 WNBR were fine and everyone kept their clothes on. Yet I was in both of those rides and most of us were riding nude for about half of the time.

You displayed an opinion that Sydney people are much different than Melbourne people. As if Sydney is much more prudish and conservative. Yet the fact that hundreds of Sydney people clapped and cheered while we rode nude down major Sydney streets in 2009 and 2010, shows how the NSW Police perception of Sydney’s overall support of pure-minded nudity is distorted. And photographic proof of this is obvious when viewing Spencer Tunick’s photos of over 5000 people at the Opera House.

With your mind already made up that Sydney will not allow any nudity for the WNBR Protest, there is no point for us to proceed. To hold a “naked” bike ride where no one is naked is fundamentally confusing to everyone.

After I offered to postpone the ride (primarily due to it taking 3 weeks to notify me with an answer on our proposed 5/4/2014 protest) until June, you suggested I submit another Schedule 1 application for that ride in June (when the northern hemisphere does their WNBRs).

Why would you want me to waste my time and yours on another application if you will not compromise at all on your position that nudity will not be allowed?

If there is any hope that nudity be allowed, you should inform me of those conditions. Only then could I submit a new application to conform to those conditions.

Truly yours,

Michael Trowbridge

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