2016 WNBR Photography

Please take a minute to read our important PHOTOGRAPHY guide

If you are just attending for photographs please ONLY attend at assigned locations.
Our ride has recently suffered from 3rd parties spreading our information, putting the ride, riders and themselves at risk.

Ride photography points will ONLY be at locations away from the start/finish.
DO NOT ATTEND THE MONTY (or immediate area). We will be enforcing this a lot stricter this year.

Please go to the following areas.

  • ESPY Hotel (R.I.P.)
  • LUNA Park forecourt (Markets will still be on) Approx 4pm
  • St.Kilda Pier
  • Beaconsfield Parade (all 4000 metres)
  • Station Pier

Please obey directions by our Marshalls. Anyone disobeying will be identified and asked to leave.

We have an existing guide we ask all photographers to follow but to summarise;

Photographers are expected to behave in a respectful, friendly and reasonable manner at all times.

B – AT THE ASSEMBLY AREA (both BEFORE and AFTER the ride) 

1. Ask permission before photographing a rider.
2. No photos of people people being body painted, dressing or undressing please.
3. No photos of people in the designated Body Painting area – this will be enforced.


1. No close-up photos without getting consent of the rider
2. No photos allowed of a rider who objects.

All photographers present at the ride must abide by this policy. Those who do not will be asked to leave.


Please take care not to intentionally or recklessly interfere with the safety, comfort or convenience of any person on the ride.
Anyone violating this regulation may be reported to the Police.

No-photo Zone around the Body Painting
This year, the Body Painting area will be set up in the middle of a “no-photo” zone in an assembly area. If riders wish to escape photography, they are welcome to come into the “no-photo” zone for sanctuary.





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