2015 Winter Wonderland report

WNBR WW 2015 Brave Riders.
Brave riders again took to Melbourne (Australia) streets on Friday 12th June for the second stage of the annual World Naked Bike Ride (WNBR) in Melbourne, in the night ride dubbed ‘Winter Wonderland’.
It took place to preview similar rides taking to the streets of many Northern Hemisphere city’s over the following
London etc. all hosted the naked bike rides to illustrate a different opinion on car and oil dependencies, Alternative Lifestyles and mass ‘cycle safety’ demonstrations.

Melbourne’s event was attended by a dozen or so riders who were brightly lit up with lights, safety-vests and helmets lighting the way.
1000s of Northern CBD revellers were treated to the spectacle as the ride smoothly wound its way thru Brunswick, Lygon and Johnston streets and back to its starting point in the warm and cosy Fox hotel in Collingwood.

Each year the WNBR event happens during Summer on a warm sunny day, and again during cooler winter nights.
The Summer ride is attended by several hundred eager riders, all participating to the motto ‘As bare as you dare’. Clothing is optional, full nudity is not mandatory but a helmet is.
Each year we see cycling gaining popularity and the message of sharing the road is foremost in the rides mantra.
Melbourne’s stage of the World Naked Ride (Winter Wonderland) was covered by many media outlets and an interview was conducted with AAP, which was later published on Ninemsn, news.com.au and theAustralian.
Along with a couple of interviews on the night, the HeraldSun (commonly seen as against most cycling activities in Melbourne) was open-armed for this ride and sent a reporter as well as a photographer to cover the event.
An interview was performed at the starting point and again the cycle safety message was expressed on many occasions.
The rogue ‘car vs cyclist’ issue is really a non-existent fabrication commonly published in the media and tonight’s ride was to show we can have cars and cyclists sharing the road together with respect.
At the ride’s beginning point, riders were filmed by ABC overnight TV news and 2 brief interviews were conducted to give further details for news bulletins the next day.
Sadly, commercial media (ch7, 9, 10 and ABC), all decided not to publish any of the recorded interviews given to camera earlier the night before.
After repeatedly covering the cycling safety message and the Melbourne ride being the preview ride for the North Hemisphere, it was expected that this good news story would have got a run in commercial news to balance, the at often times, negative mythical ‘Us vs them’ stories.
WNBR will be back again next summer and we hope to break the attendance totals next year.


Why are we riding?

Tonight we have a brave group of riders, going out in the cold on the WNBR Winter Wonderland and hopefully this will razz up the of the riders in London etc. We can do it in the cold and you can go out and enjoy the summer ride(s)


Tonight’s ride is also to raise awareness for cyclists safety on the road, where generally we have very little on and now being naked can end the portrayal of ‘car vs cyclist’ when actually we can get along.
We’re going out naked to show there is no excuse for car drivers not to see us now.
We all have lights and helmets and we just want to share the road safely as we can.

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