2016 WNBR Volunteers


Face Painting

We are looking for a team member to volunteer to run face/body painting part of the day.
Simply we need someone to organise the area for painting etc.
As this part will be in the secret area, we’ll need them to organise (quietly) to have paint-ees to be where they are needed, when they are needed.

Please contact info@asbareasyoudare.com and mention what you’d like to help with.

Bike Vols

Know how to fix a bike?
Know how to pump up tyres?

We need a couple of bike-geeks to assist others and ensure their bike will make it easy for them to complete the ride.

We’ll have a few pumps and spanners to assist. Nothing too hard here.

Media Vols

Good with a camera?
Setup a few helmet cameras?
Feel like taking on anyone who ‘gets a bit close’ in the ‘secret squirrel’ pre-ride paint-up area?

We need you.

Can you help with any of the above? Please contact info@asbareasyoudare.com and talk to us.

These person(s) does not have to be riding but just wanna get involved.


Media Release 2016

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