2013 Ride update

World Naked Bike Ride returns to Melbourne streets for another year.

The ride take to the streets of Port Melbourne on Sunday 3rd March 2013 (This Sunday).

We’re off to the beach!!!


Finally, we are crossing town, from previous Inner-Northern Cool streets, to Sun, Sand and Sea along Bay Street and Beaconsfield Parade.
Riders will have their own chance for a group tour of the area before enjoying the beachside of Port Melbourne.

SUMMER BEACH Ride- Sunday March 3 2013
More details here
Route map here

Clothing is optional, participants may ride ‘as bare as they dare’, as long as they feel comfortable. Naked or not, helmets – and sun block – are essential.

We face automobile traffic with our naked bodies as the best way of defending our dignity and exposing the unique dangers faced by cyclists and pedestrians plus all the negative effects of oil, cars, war, consumerism and non-renewable energy.

The annual worldwide event is a fun, free activity with a serious message, promoting visibility on the roads, using nudity to highlight the need to look for cyclists on the road.

World Naked Bike Ride is the biggest naked protest event in the world. It is the grooviest, funniest most hippie greenie event. Riding in the WNBR will give you a natural high and a feeling of joy, liberation and freedom that will amaze you. The memory of it will cheer you for years to come.
Check the Melbourne World Naked Bike Ride site for latest updates: http://www.asbareasyoudare.com/
To join in the running of the ride please contact us info@asbareasyoudare.com
More on WNBR at http://www.worldnakedbikeride.org/australia
Make Fun, Not War.

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